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Katerinas Makriyianni participation in the “Greekaba collection” of Christian Louboutin

The new collection of Christian Louboutin, “Greekaba” is the result of the collaboration of K. Kakanias with C. Louboutin. The centra subject is their long-standing friendship and the experiences of Louboutin in Greece.

Their desire was to include in the project Greek artists with skills in order to strengthen the Greekness of the collection.

Katerina Makrygianni created handmade elements which decorated C. Louboutin designs. Specifically, she created fabric beads that adorned all the bags of the collection, as well as a bracelet that was the only jewelry of the collection.

Also, an ankle bracelet that was placed on a beautiful sandal named Konstantinella and a small decoration that was placed on a pasumi named Konstantimule. The last two designs,because they were completely handmade and very demanding in production,  presented as a limited edition with the relative numbering inside the shoe.





Katerina Makriyianni – Spring/Summer 22

“The Rebirth collection”

Katerinas aim for this collection was to use “rough stones”, but in today’s world everything seems to need to be shiny and polished.

Her search for rough stones ended in a surprising and ecologically friendly way. She was delighted to find recycled glass beads from Africa.

Kings and queens in West Africa wore beads as a sign of social status but now these beads are made from recycled materials, are enjoyed by all and have found their way into daily fashion.

Katerinas SS22 collection, appropriately titled the “rebirth collection”, marries these rough handcrafted beads with my own handcrafted metal designs.
The result is a fusion of African and Greek culture that gives us both elegant and colorful jewelry, combined with a respect for nature.

Handcrafted Decorations

Soon the page with handmade decorations will be renewed and enriched with our popular designs.

Will be able to travel to any part of the earth.

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Katerina Makriyianni along with some great people, creatives and businessmen of the city of Chania.

During Gisela Williams’s visit to the workshop, Katerina talks about “Technima”, a successful and popular business in Chania, created by her parents, but also for the conscious decision to live in Chania and forge her own path.

Editor: Gisela Williams

Photographer: Thomas Gravanis

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