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Katerina Makriyianni SS21 Collection

“Ode to Joy”
Summer, a season that fills us with joy, liveliness and positivity, feelings that are vital for mind and body.
The Spring/Summer ‘21 collection makes me feel that way. Every piece of jewelry is painstakingly crafted from a rich variety of natural stones and handmade metal beads. Every stone, every metal element, every bead is joined to the others with careful thought and exceptional craftsmanship. Taking elements of the simplicity of ancient Greek aesthetics and playfully marrying them with primitive colorful materials to fashion elegant jewelry that will bring joy and confidence to the woman that wants to experiment with her style.

Joy. Elegance. Finesse.

2nd Greek International Women Awards – Katerina Makriyianni

During the 2nd Greek International Awards Ceremony, 14 Greek women have received their award in a celebration dedicated to the women who excel worldwide for their professional achievements.

Katerina Makriyianni received the Fashion award for her contribution in fashion and her unique jewelleries.

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Eva Makriyianni – Vogue Greece

❝ Miss Eva Makriyianni’s life could be an authentic jewel. Handmade. By people that loved art. ❞

Written by Efthimios Savvakis for Vogue Greece
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The love of silk

Katerina’s love for silk gave new life to her signature designs, changing the material from traditional wool into colorful silk fabrics.

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